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Family Law in Brief

Family Law in Brief

What is family law?

As the name suggests, it is a body of laws covering the governance of family issues like divorce, marriage, maintenance and others. There are specializations in family law like-marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance and others. Lawyers who practice family law can represent their clients in court proceedings related to negotiations. Family lawyers are also involved in drafting legal documents such as property agreements. Family laws are defined in the constitution but the states have the right to redefine the laws to some extent.

Why do family law?

Below are some reasons why you should pursue a career in family law

  • Specialization in this will contribute to your legal knowledge and experience.
  • It will not only improve your resume but also increase your legal network.
  • You will get a lot of client interaction in this
  • You will help in uniting/reconciling a family


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